Godfrey Ifeanyi

Godfrey is Nigerian and is currently studing for a Master’s in Management at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin, Germany.

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My name is Ifeanyi Godfrey, I come from the eastern part of Nigeria. I did my Masters in Lagos, which is in the western part of Nigeria.


What are your experiences of studying in Nigeria?

The education is quite different from that in Germany, because of the practicality, and also how far the lecturers are willing to stretch the student.  In Nigeria lecturers don’t really stretch students so much, and I think the overall evaluation happens in the exam hall, sometimes. You can be very unlucky to have all your evaluation, a hundred percent of them, from the exam hall. Which doesn’t really explore the practicality of the course. While in Germany you tend to do lots of things to gain your evaluation right before the exam takes place. So I think that is actually the major difference between studying in Nigeria and studying here in Germany.


How easy was it for you to research scholarship opportunities?

I’m proactive in terms of things like that, so during my bachelors, even before I got to my second year, I was already making research on the countries and the schools that I would love to go to. As time went on, I removed and added to the list, so I had a website that I actually visited then and most times I think my major source of information was from the finance and fees aspect of the school website. When you check on there you will see everything, they have about sponsoring students and also how much they pay for the fees. So I think that was actually the most informative part of my research. Where I got most information was on the fees and figures and financing of studies on the school’s website.


What inspired you to look for a scholarship opportunity?

What inspired me to look for a scholarship was because I felt that it is a mark of quality. I felt that it will help me in terms of seeking job opportunities. Also here in Germany, because when employers see that you have a scholarship, that means it is a reward for excellence in some area. So it is something that really boosts your profile as a student and job seeker.


What advice would you give to younger students who are about to start looking for scholarship opportunities?

Be very open minded, you never know, and do not judge yourself. If you judge yourself, then you are right, and everyone will do in line with what you said. But, if you are open minded, well, objectively open minded, and know that you qualify for a scholarship, even if it is just one less requirement that you could omit, try and apply.

One thing you should know about scholarships is that you are not supposed to pay for application. Any scholarship that requires you to pay, it’s not really worth it. Apply, since it is free of charge, you’ve got nothing to lose.


What is your current experience of studying at a university outside of SSA?

The other is quite a lot different from what I’m used to and imagine having so many years of experience to a certain weather, and then you come to something that is stuck different. It really could affect you in several ways that you will know nothing about until you come.

I think it is also the culture, you have to be quite open minded.


What are you aspirations for the future?

My aspirations for the future is to get my degree, which is very important. I think if I’m able to learn German then I could probably explore lots of opportunities here in Germany, which is something that I am looking forward to. My future aspiration means that I get the experience that I am looking for here, but educational and workwise and career wise, and then probably be able to add value to Nigeria when I go back.